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>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Hi readers, am Raj. Am basically from Kerala but now in Chennai. Am 29yrs aged having 6.3 height and a good built body...I don want to lie to you that am a Hulk!! I love ladies who are older than me, have satisfied many and need more. If you like my submission, please email me. All right…due to less time, lets come to the episode of my autobiography. My family is a rich traditional Hindu family. There is a small house near to our's. In olden times, people in Kerala used to take bath in a 4-side covered closet (mara - in malayalam). There was one such bathroom for the family living in that small house. It is covered with asbestos on three sides and the boundary wall of our's is its 4th covering. Once I was playing with by pet dog, I climbed the window to take a ball from the top of the bureau (Furniture with drawers for keeping clothes), which is near to window. I heard some water dripping noise from outside, I peeped to that direction. I saw the most beautiful scene in my life; the lady of that small house named Jalaja (name changed) aged nearly 32 (at that time) applying soap all around her big boobs. She is so cute looking, fair and a big 38 size boobs. I got scared by seeing that scene. My lips and mouth got dried up, suddenly I climbed down. But I noticed that I got a huge bulge when I saw that scene. I din got sleep that night. The scene was keep on coming in my mind. Next day, as my exams was approaching, parents told me that to study and they left for a marriage. I took my books and started reading something. Suddenly I heard the same noise of water dripping, I rushed to the bureau, I adjusted myself on top of the bureau and peeped through the ventilator. Wow…even now I can see that scene in my mind. She was totally nude…pouring water on her head…kept one leg on a stone and applying soap all over her thighs and pussy area… When she reached her pussy region, she started rubbing there for sometime…she closed her eyes and with one hand pressed her left boobs. Her pussy was fully covered with lather from the soap…I saw her round firm ass shaking for each stroke of her finger. Suddenly I heard a hissing sound from her mouth and she closed her eyes tightly… I understood that she got the climax. Soon she finished her bath and was about to leave. But when I was about to get down, some tin, which was kept near the ventilator, fell down directly into her bathroom. She suddenly looks up and saw my face. I rushed down with a deadly beating heart. I was damn scared, but the scene made me so horny. I shagged my dick and spilled a load of cum. But again my mind was carving for more. So I planned a drama. As it was the end of month, we got many calendars. I took one of it and went to her house. She was finishing her dressing, I called her "Jalaja chechi…". She came out and surprised to see me there. She told me to come in and asked how are you. I replied that am fine and I went there for giving her the calendar. She took it from my hand and told me thanks. She was wearing a nighty and in a single glance I understood that there in nothing under it. I asked her - "Where is Damu chettan (her husband)???" She told - "Oh early morning he left from here, might be in some toddy shop now." Damu is drunken yard. And when I saw her masturbating, am sure that she is not satisfied with him. Then she asked me - "what all did you see now while peeping my bath?" I got blushed and scared. I told - "I…I…" then she interrupted and asked me - "have you ever thought that what will happen if your parents know about it?" I felt like fainting, I cried and told her that - "please forgive me, if my parents knows about it, they will kill me. I will do whatever you want. Please don tell them" I bent down and hold her feet. She was silent and I was holding her feet and looking down. After sometime she asked me - "Will you do whatever I need?". Still I was looking down and holding her feet. I replied - "yes…please don tell them…" She told - "ok…you look up now…" I looked up from floor to her face, MY GOD!!!! She was fully naked…I saw her face through the gap between her big boobs….I stood up suddenly…she was having a cunning smile and was pinching her nipples with both hands…She told me - "you are my slave now, I want you to fuck me like a dog, suck me like an ice cream…come on u dick….do it…" She shouted…I removed my dress and stood naked with my big and pointed dick facing her… Her eyes bulged by seeing my big dick…She came near me and hold my dick, then told - "bloody asshole, you are having a big dick than my husband. How hell I was using the carrot when such a monster was there nearby!!!" Saying that she bent down and started sucking my dick. She sucked like a whore, I heard the slruppp….slrupppp…voice ..I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. I told her - "Jalaja chechi…I can’t control…." She told - "am not your chechi now…am your whore…call me bad words and eat me fully…" Hearing this I hold her hair and pulled her head towards my dick…she made a deep throat…she coughed by keeping my dick in he mouth as it was choking….i took her and made her to bent down by holding the bed. I kissed her round ass and started licking it. I was clean and smelt great. She too liked it and started moaning. I rolled the tongue from ass down and reached her pussy. It was already wet like her. I lick madly and chewed her pussy. She was about to scream with pleasure. I tongue fucked her. Suddenly she stood straight, caught me and pushed me on to her cot. I fell on my back on her cot and she climbed with the speed of a horse on top of me. She suddenly sat on my dick and make it enter her pussy hardly and roughly…she started riding on top of me like a mad. I hold her boobs with both hands and slowly I pinched he nipples. Her eyes were closed and was flying in pleasure. I sensed her pussy contracting towards my dick and I knew that she was about to cum. Soon I lifted her without making the dick to come out from her pussy and I twisted her position in such a way that I can do doggy. I started like a machine from her back holding her boobs. Speed was maximum and I started massaging her lower abdomen. She closed her eyes with pleasure and I felt my dick is crushing in her pussy…with a loud moan she came and I soaked my dick fully. She removed the dick and took it in her mouth. Licked and wiped all her juices from my dick. The sudden feel from her hot pussy to her cold saliva, made me to cum on her face and mouth. It was a big cum. She drank all like a thirsty bitch. But suddenly I heard the landline phone in my house ringing. I gave her a kiss and told that I will be back. Rushed to my house after wearing dress. I attended the cal, it was my dad saying that they wont be coming that day as there was heavy rain there. Asked me to stay at home or go to grandma. I told that I will be fine and I will stay alone. I kept the cal…I was damn happy to hear that thinking the whole night I will be with her


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